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What does it mean to tell engaging stories from a biblical worldview?

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Review: Word Pictures

3rd February 2014 By admin

Preface: Brian Godawa graciously met with me over lunch to discuss some of these issues. He was very open, despite the strong language in my review, because he is committed to the doctrine of sola scriptura. This commitment to sola scriptura and to iron sharpening iron as we meditate upon God’s Word is the only way to make any progress in understanding of the mind of God. My hope is that this review will foster that kind of dialogue and will aid other Christian artists in their wrestling with God’s Word.


(PDF available here)

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Why Are Christian Movies So Awful?

2nd March 2013 By admin

Just read an article at called Why Are Christian Movies So Awful? It’s a review of the new movie Soul Surfer, which is based on the true story of a young Christian surfer who lost her arm, but was gutted of any theology by the producers.

One line from the review stuck out to me:

At the risk of offending many people in many different directions, Christian cinema reminds me of gay cinema. If, that is, gay cinema were permanently stuck in 1986, with a self-ghettoizing mandate to present positive role models for youth and tell an anodyne but uplifting story that sends a message of hope. Read more…

Wickedness of Moralism

1st March 2013 By admin


In his essay “The Divine Image”, Leo Partible argues that Christians need to move past the verbal and literal to embrace the visual and metaphorical. I’ll be posting some extended thoughts on his essay later, but for now I wanted to briefly comment on one part of his essay. He notes

The comic book has become central to, if not the center of, our pop culture. And Christians should be thrilled.

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